The new A-Class.
Voice-Controllable Website

A special site promoting the new A-Class. The A-Class vehicle is equipped with a voice-controlled infotainment system called "MBUX", and we attempted to mirror that experience with the website by implementing voice-recognition in the site itself that can be activated the same way as the vehicle - with a "Hey, Mercedes!” We have created this website that can be operated by your own voice for users to gain an insight to their future experience with the "MBUX".


How can we get people to connect
“voice-controllable vehicles” to Mercedes-Benz?

Soon after the announcement of the "MBUX", competitors also released voice-recognition systems on their vehicles. However, by creating a special website centered around the voice-recognition experience, we wanted to solidify Mercedes-Benz' lead in the industry by creating a similar environment in the hands of the users through the website.


A voice-controllable website that mimics the functions of the “MBUX”, so that all customers can have a “MBUX”-like experience regardless of where they are.

MBUX's voice-powered feature understands the driver's questions or requests, no matter what kind of tone or language they use. For example, the car will understand to turn down the temperature a few degrees even if you just say "It's too hot".It was difficult for users to have this experience in the actual car, so we wanted to bring that to them wherever they may be with this website. By doing so, we aimed to fully maximize the power of digital expression. We used Google's "Cloud Speech-to-Text" that converted user's speech into text data that could be matched to specific interactions on the website, and through this technology we created an innovative dynamic interactive experience.


Achieving over 130% of our target goal for the number of reservations, we succeeded in a voice-focused digital promotion.

Our conversion point for this website was applying for a particular campaign, and we acquired over 1,000 applications in months. This accounted for over 30% of the sales target for the product, thereby concluding that this digital promotion was able to contribute greatly.