The concept of this campaign is maintaining a positive attitude, 24 hours a day. The online video campaign site allows users to receive uplifting messages from our brand character, Beauness-kun. Messages change according to the time of day users visit the site.

Medicated Beauness makes your skin feel great.

Medicated BeaunessMORNINGNIGHT

A medicated pre-lotion to maintain healthy skin, containing hot springs minerals and herbal extracts.

Medicated Beauness Spa ShowerDAYTIME

A medicated mist lotion that can be applied on top of make-up. The fine mist hydrates and replenishes skin.

Visitors to the site can view uplifting messages from Beauness-kun that put them in a positive frame of mind. Messages integrate user insights by changing according to the time of day. Users can enjoy the different video and website designs (morning/daytime/night) by visiting at different times of the day.

The website features three creative patterns depending on the time of day—morning, daytime, and night. The designs feature gradient backgrounds with illuminated highlights, intuitively reflecting the time of day. The site also incorporates other elements to provide a satisfying user experience, including animations to celebrate the collection of videos and micro-interactions in response to each user action.

Users can view uplifting message videos from Beauness-kun, which integrate user insights by changing according to the time of day.

  • Timed to coincide with the start of each day. Videos encourage users to work hard or enjoy their time off.

    Hey, wait a minute!
    Alright, your skin looks great today.
    Do your best and believe in yourself.
    Have a great day!

  • Videos provide messages during breaks at work or at lunch time, giving users the boost they need to get through the rest of the day.

    Are you OK?
    Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed?
    Some deep breathing will make you feel better.
    Breathe in………and breathe out.
    And finally, close your eyes.

  • Video messages praise the user for working hard that day and provide an encouraging boost for the next day.

    You work so hard every day. You’re amazing…
    I just really wanted to let you know.
    But, you know… you don’t have to work so hard all the time.
    How about we make it Beauness time?

  • Staying up late isn’t good for the skin, so Beauness-kun is already asleep at midnight. Users receive a message advising them to go to bed soon.

    You came to see me, but I’ve already gone to bed.
    You should turn in, too.
    Get some sleep and your skin will be beautiful again tomorrow.

In addition to video messages, the site provides interactive movies that change with user interactions. The immersive feel of the movies is created by the impression that the user is listening to music with Beauness-kun.
The site also features elements to encourage repeat visits. Users can receive virtual messages from Beauness-kun. When they turn on the TV, they can watch a Beauness commercial. They can also collect all of the videos from each time of day.