Buddience - Buddha statues facial expression technology -

This website is based on a project study of Buddha statues by Nara University students.
They qualified 216 Buddha statues by using Microsoft’s Emotion API,
which allows analyzing facial expression of a human.
You can find Buddha statue matches to your face on this website.


Many of Japanese colleges are under shortage of applicant due to birthrate declining.
Therefore, Nara University, historical and cultural college, had to appeal its originality and strength against students.


By the research on Buddha statues from a different viewpoint as it was before, we indicated the new scientific approach to Buddhism.


Released matching service of users’ face and Buddha statues.


We have constructed a web site based on quantified Buddha statues’ emotions.Selected “Buddha Matching” for the main content, which is service matches users’ facial expression and Buddha statues.We designed a new form of connection between statues.
There is also “Pickup Report” which shows actual data and tendencies of each statues’ face. We made the impact on media by this “Extreme research project” with the college student, in cooperation of College, Buddha statues, and AI.



The project was widely discussed in the media, earning more than 260 media placements on TV, in newspapers, on the radio, and on the web. We calculate the advertising value equivalency at more than $897,000.

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Many users have shared the project on social media, include influencers who love Buddhism and enjoyed their experience with Buddience. Traffic to Nara University’s website increased by 210%. Plus, applications to the university increased by 20% over the previous year, despite the continuing national birthrate decline and applicant shortage.
This project enabled Nara University to become more than just “a local college” but also known as a college that specializes in cultural and historical studies.