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A Tailored Man has Style



"garra", a newly established skincare brand for men since December 2008. Men's skincare has not been generalized in the market, thus the idea of men's skincaring had to be a valued proposal. In this website, we linked men's skincare with the concept "a well tailored man" by introducing various skills by professionals such as "looking good," "beautiful posture," "feeling of fun" and skincare as being one of them.

Appeal Point

Interface to navigation

Items showcased on the shelf in the top page also works as a navigation.

Each skill is clearly explained in detail

Processes are clearly presented in steps in movies so users can learn from the contents in their free time.

A wide range of various skills are introduced

From shoe polishing to ironing--wide variety of skills are introduced (currently updated regularly). This site contains "how to" contents in a practical way for men who aim to be "well tailored."